Radar Tee™



The RADAR TEE™ is a powerful training aid that measures a hitters swing speed, the resulting ball exit velocity , and the conversion efficiency of the swing  to produce ball exit velocity.  It is also unique in being adjustable to the swing plane of the hitter.

RADAR TEE™ Benefits/Purpose

  • Maximize your ball exit velocity by optimizing your swing speed and efficient energy transfer to the ball
  • Train to hit hard line drives
  • Develop bat control and directivity to hit balls into the gaps
  • Swing in an optimum plane for best hard contact probability

The RADAR TEE™ is the first known batting tee instrumented with electronic sensors, for which a patent is pending.   The specific RADAR TEE™ embodiment includes two microwave Doppler radars , one of which measures the batter’s Swing Speed (SS) and the second measures Ball Exit Velocity (BEV).  The ratio of BEV to SS is a measure of the batter’s swing efficiency in converting Swing Speed into Ball Exit Velocity.  This Conversion Factor (CF) , along with the SS and BEV for each swing,  are displayed on a nearby tablet or smart ‘phone via Bluetooth® technology.

Radar Tee

Another unique feature of the RADAR TEE™is it’s angle adjustability by which it can be set to the swing plane angle of the batter.  Typical swing plane angles of high school, college and professional players are about 8-10 degrees, whereas youth players will experience lower angles and home run hitters will swing at much steeper swing planes.

Optimize your swing efficiency to maximize ball exit velocity. Measure both with the RADAR TEE!

Maximize ball exit velocity by optimizing swing speed and efficient energy transfer to the ball.

Proudly made in the USA.

The RADAR TEE™ is designed to specifically interface with the superbly-built PRO V TEE®, which provides a stable platform for reliable system performance.

Batter's view with ball