Kickspeed Radar™

Kickspeed Radar for Soccer


Heather Mitts for Kickspeed Radar

Heather Mitts American Soccer Star Endorses The Kickspeed Radar™

The KICK SPEED RADAR™ uses proven Doppler radar technology, attached to a large nylon-covered foam rubber Target that can be worn on either hand by the coach or an assistant or parent. Measure speeds from 12 mph to over 100 mph.

• The KICK SPEED RADAR™ can be positioned by the coach as a target for the player to shoot at. Since it is not fixed or attached to any structure, it is simply held high, low, right corner, left corner, etc. or wherever the coach chooses to place the target. For high velocity kicks, positioning the KSR/Target within 1-2 feet behind the goal net is preferred.

• The accuracy of the kick on or near target is obvious.

• The KICK SPEED RADAR™ measures the speed of the kick, so the player’s ability to hit the target, with power, can be quantitatively measured. ( A player who can hit the target, or near it, with power will obviously have a better chance of scoring than an equally accurate player with less power.) Since the KICK SPEED RADAR™ is physically moved in line with the on-coming ball, it will be aligned to provide an accurate Speed reading of the ball.

• Quantifying the ball speed, as well as observing the kick accuracy, provides the coach and players a basis to measure actual improvement, rather than just guessing at their progress.

• Players enjoy the competition of improving their accuracy and power (ball Speed). The coach can establish improvement goals for each player.

• Players can practice at home with a parent or other partner.

• All have FUN using the KICK SPEED RADAR™ !!