Bowling – Break Speed Radar™

Break Speed Radar for billiards


The Break Speed Radar™ is used by instructors and bowlers to measure a bowler’s ball release speed. The release speed will be slightly higher than the speed measured by optical sensors located down lane, closer to the pins. The difference in speed is due to deceleration of the rolling ball and depends upon many factors, including the lane conditions as well as ball weight, material, spin/roll/loft characteristic , etc.

To use the Break Speed Radar™ to measure bowling ball release speed, set it up resting on the wire bail, on or close behind the Bowling Break Speed Radarfoul line, facing down lane in the direction that the ball is rolling. The Break Speed Radar™ will be positioned to the right of a right-handed bowler or to the left of a left-handed bowler, as shown in the photo to the right. If the bowler is releasing the ball close to the gutter, then the Break Speed Radar™ might have to be placed in the gutter.

Since the Break Speed Radar™ display is facing away from the bowler, use of the Radar Data Link™ is particularly advantageous to display the speed data without necessitating handling the BSR after each ball release. The photo below illustrates the ball speed reading displayed by the Break Speed Radar™ and by a Bluetooth-enabled remote device such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer, for example.

Remote Data Link with Break Speed Radar


Radar Data Link


Radar Data Link™